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Welcome is nothing more than a place for Me to ramble on and on about nothing particular.
I will try to update this as often as possible, but we all know what happens when people say that. Check out the help section under the About Me section if you can't figure out what's going on for this page.



About me. Hmm what about me. Well I suppose I should start off with my name. Uh oh, that's right! Whew! Glad I remembered that this is the internet and I am not suppose to put my real name out there. Well then, I guess I at will call myself Tom-E.

I am just your average Taiwanese-American 20 year old born in Nebraska. You know that kind...sheesh Nebraskan folks. :)

I currently attend Cal State Fullerton and am hoping to graduate within the next...oh, let's say 10 years! School..ack! Let's just say high school was soo much better!

I have a pretty cool family. Three sisters and a mom and pop Seriously though, they're great! I am the youngest of the bunch, but that's all good. My oldest sister went to and graduated from UCLA, including their grad school portion. Now she is married to a manly man and teaches at an above average school up north. The middle sister went to Northwestern University over in Evanston, Illinois. She now works over in a corporation in Thousand Oaks. Pretty cool place judging by the pictures. Now my youngest sister, although she is still a year older than I am, is currently attending UCLA. She is a senior over there and is majoring in Environmental Biology I believe. What can I say...My sister's are smart! Too smart.. What happened to the brains when to came around to me??

Hmm, I wonder what else there is for me to say. Well, I could say that I am a pretty religious person. I attend Concordia Lutheran Church. I also am the current leader of the Youth Group there so that's pretty cool! You can check out the webpage that I created for our's in the links section. Currently we have about 20 members if everyone shows up....oh and I stress if. That's fine though. We have a great time every week anyways!

Well, if you visited my hobbies section, you would have noticed that I have tons of different interests. Currently, I am very much into astronomy. I mean I have always loved the hobby. As a child growing up, I always looked up into the sky late at night wondering what else is out there. Now that I am a little bit more aged, I finally got my hands on a "real" telescope and had my first taste of the skies. Now, I am addicted!! At this moment I am waiting for my 12" Meade LX-200 GPS telescope. Nerd? OF COURSE!! What kind of normal person would have the time to be typing stuff like this up right now.

I'm also into firearms right now. But I mean come on, I live in the Gun Banning State!! Every single gun that is remotely cool has been banned. The Colt AR-15 that I dreamed of shooting ever since I've seen it has been banned. Now I am looking into the Springfield M1A National rifle. Awesome rifle for the money in my opinion. Of course this is for target practice only. I am against sport hunting. I mean come on! Give the animal a gun and then we'll start talking. Otherwise, what's so fun about shooting an unarmed animal that has no chance whatsoever because the hunters are all hiding in trees and stuff?? I do find it okay for those that live in the country sides and hunt as a mean for survival. That is fine by me. Why am I into guns at all? Well I find shooting a gun is such a skill and concentration. I feel a release of stress everytime I let another bullet fly towards the target. Try it sometime when you are all stressed out! Trust me!

Well I think that is it for now at least. I need to get to work on the other parts of the page! :) Have fun ya'll! <- see..nebraska


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