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Welcome is nothing more than a place for Me to ramble on and on about nothing particular.
I will try to update this as often as possible, but we all know what happens when people say that. Check out the help section under the About Me section if you can't figure out what's going on for this page.



I'm a guy so I suppose I just had to have a cars section right? :) Well for myself, I drive an Acura 3.0 CL 1998. It is in a manly Primrose color (purplish-silver). As for mods that I've done to my car...well there isn't much. For the exterior, I have tinted my windows with 32% in the front and 22% in the back. Sigh if only California weren't such a bitch about this stuff, I would go with 15% all around. Feels a lot better knowing people can't look in on me...but I guess I totally understand about how the police would like to be able to see in. The only other things that I have done to my exterior, excluding the cool dragon stickers, would be my headlights, clear bumper housing (yeah I know, but hey..I'm a asian guy living in SoCal. What do you expect?), and fog lights. As for the interior, I've only installed an AEM Cold Air Intake(CAI) as far as performance mods go. Other than performance for the interior stuff, I have a Valentine One radar scanner, RÄZO shifter, Mugen pedals, and a Gtech monitor when I need it.

Here's basically what all that stuff means. For the headlights, I currently have PIAA Plasma bulbs in the low beam. These bulbs give off a purplish color when viewed from and angle. Rated at 110w's, it only usese the stock rating of 55w's; and the light rating is at 5000k. On the sides I am using the PIAA Platinum Wedge bulbs. Not a perfect match but hey that's okay. For the fog lights I have the PIAA 1700x model. They match perfectly for my car because of the color that the lights give off.

The AEM CAI basically was a 'custom' install because I had to modify it a little bit from the Accord 98-00 part. All in all what I get is a loud growl whenever my RPM's hit over 3800. Very nice, I don't regret getting this part...although Acura service can be a bitch about it sometimes!

As for the electronics inside: The Valentine One is the best radar scanner when compared to all the commercial products. In recent testing conducted by Motor Trend, the Valentine One came out with a score of 97/100. The next best model was the Escort Passport 8500 that came in with a score of 73/100.

The RÄZO shifter and the Mugen pedals are basically only for show. Nothing major there. As for the Gtech monitor, it is a device that measures your vehicles performance. Everything from 1/4 mile times to geforce and 0-60 times. Pretty cool but I don't think it was worth the money in my opinion.

Well that's it for the mods right now. I am planning on getting 18" wheels, Eibach Pro-Kit springs, Koni adjustable shocks, Comptech Headers, new stereo equipment, alarm system, maybe an exhaust, etc.

Check back here soon for some pics of my car and more.

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