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Welcome is nothing more than a place for Me to ramble on and on about nothing particular.
I will try to update this as often as possible, but we all know what happens when people say that. Check out the help section under the About Me section if you can't figure out what's going on for this page.



Welcome to my Computer page. Well I'm not too sure what to write here...I have been interested and dabbled in computers since the 486 days. I still have an original pentium 133 <- top of the line when I got it! that my sister is using now. It's still pretty reliable, although it can't really keep up with all the newer programs and games. In 99 I believe it was, I built my very own computer. At that time, the Nvidia Geforce cards had just came out to the public, and I being the type of person that really likes having the top of the line stuff, went out and bought an Asus Geforce card. As for the processor, I bought the brand new AMD Athlon 650mhz Slot A cpu! :) Yeah that might not seem like much now, but back then it was the top of the line processor. Soon after I had the system built, I started searching and browsing online computer forums. What a nerd right? Yeah well..I soon upgraded to an AMD 900mhz Athlon.

Since then, I have upgraded the heck out of my system. From new cases to new drives. Just about everything has been replaced and upgraded. I also have built a couple of other systems too. Including systems for my friends and for my church. It sure is much more fun when you are spending your own money! "$300 for the monitor? Sure thing bub! Cash it is!"

What am I planning for this section? Well, I am hoping to put up reviews or hardware that I come by, and maybe even a discussion forum so that people can ask questions. Of course, the forum won't be just for computers. Games, drinks, sports, etc will also be added to the discussion forum.











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