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Welcome is nothing more than a place for Me to ramble on and on about nothing particular.
I will try to update this as often as possible, but we all know what happens when people say that. Check out the help section under the About Me section if you can't figure out what's going on for this page.


This was definitely an interesting project for me. First off, I have never used a slow cooker before in my life!! Heck, I'll even admit it that I never even knew that a slow cooker is the same thing as a crock pot. Anyways, so I came about this project because this one time that I was eating at Roda Viva, a churrasco(or Brazilian BBQ), my friend was very excited that they had stroganoff. Now I never had tried stroganoff at this time so all I saw was a thick gravy type of stew...Anyways, well I promised her that I would attempt to cook her some stroganoff some day, and here I am! To do this project, I went out and bought a slow cooker! If you know me, you know that if I am looking for an appliance, and they happen to have a stainless steel one...well I am as good as set on that one! Here is a picture of my brand new slow cooker!

Anyhow, here is the recipe for this easy to do stroganoff


1 pound cubed beef stew meat

1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed golden mushroom soup

1/2 cup chopped onion (or onion soup mix for those who don't like fresh onions)

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

1/4 cup water (I ended up using about 1/4 red wine and then 1/8 water)

4 ounces cream cheese

Pepper and Salt to your liking


Try to make sure that you get nice beef for this stroganoff because it comes out dry and not so tasty if you get meat that has been on the shelves too long. Also, if you'd like to have a thicker gravy, you might want to try browning the meat prior to combining the ingredients into the slow cooker. After you have gathered the ingredients together and have washed the meat, combine all the stuff into the slow cooker and cook it on low for 8 hours or high for about 5 hours.

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